Shellby Wiskus

Board Treasurer

How did you come to be on the Board of the HTPA?

I volunteered to be on this board when former Community Development Director, Scott Sanborn shared his vision for the Hardacre Theater at a Chamber meeting one afternoon.  Currently I serve as Treasurer for the HTPA.

Why is this cause important to you?

Going to the theater to see a movie is a “simple” pleasure, a place where family and friends can enjoy “quality”  time or where one can go alone for “me” time.  It fits all sizes and all age ranges.  You can always count on popcorn and sweet treats.  And how convenient that we have one in our very own town! This simple pleasure has been going on for decades and I don’t see it fading away anytime soon.  For these reasons I have a passion for retaining the history of this building and preserving its beauty inside and out.  I want this “simple” pleasure to be here in our town for the generations to come.

Hobbies and interests

I like to be outdoors whenever I can, often doing whatever I can to have an excuse to stay out longer.  I love to ride the motorcycle with my husband, taking trips to Wisconsin to see my granddaughters, reading a good book on a cold snowy day and taking in a movie with my friends.

Other community involvement

I served on the Tipton School Foundation board as Treasurer for several years.  Currently I serve on the boards of the Tipton Chamber of Commerce and the Tipton Development Commission and now the Hardacre Theater Preservation Association.

Anything else you would like to share?

I have lived in Tipton all of my life and raised our two children in this community as well.  I have worked for the Cedar County Coop in accounting for over 30 years. I love this community and what it has to offer and want to continue to watch it prosper.

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