Board of Directors

History of Hardacre Theater Preservation Association

The Creation of the Hardacre Theater Preservation Association

Recognizing the need to preserve and promote the performing arts in Cedar County, a group of concerned citizens banded together with the intent of taking over the operation of the Hardacre Theater.  At the time, the theater’s future as an operational movie theater was in question and the possibility of it closing down was quickly becoming very real.

The founding members of the Association recognized the benefit to the surrounding communities and local businesses of keeping the theater operational.  Hence, the idea of the Hardacre Theater Preservation Association (HTPA) was investigated and subsequently formed.

Organizational History

An unincorporated, non-profit association was established in 2012 working closely with and through the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend Corporation.  The latter being a qualified 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

The first governing Board of Directors for the HTPA was appointed on May 8, 2012.  The current structure includes the Board of Directors, advisors, and ad hoc committees to assist in furthering the goals and objectives of the Association.

First Elected Board of Directors

  • Greg Brown, President
  • Don Young, Vice President
  • Shellby Wiskus, Treasurer
  • Maureen Bowie, Secretary
  • Will Valet
  • David Tripp
  • Betty Lett
  • Stuart Clark
  • Scott Sanborn

A qualified 501(c)3 nonprofit association was established in October 2013.

Current Board of Directors